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Friday, October 6, 2023

Seeing Yourself in a Dream

Previously, I wrote that houses and your physical appearance in a dream were important symbols for showing the state of your life. I think the appearance of yourself in a dream is easier to describe, so I will comment on that in this post. Seeing yourself in a dream will give you valuable insights about how your conscious life appears to your unconscious, or at deeper levels to your soul.


Let’s consider some simple examples first. Many years ago, I was talking with a waitress in a restaurant who was upset by a recent dream. She had beautiful crowns on her front teeth, and in the dream, they were jagged and broken. This terrified her because her physical appearance was very important to her. I mentioned that I had studied dream interpretation, and she was eager to get my thoughts about the dream. I asked her if she had had an argument with anyone recently. She said that prior to the dream she had had a bad argument with her boyfriend and said some really ugly things to him. It doesn’t take much experience with dreams to see the meaning of her dream.


Our teeth are part of our appearance and are in our mouth where our words originate. So, in our dreams about teeth, they are often used to show that the words coming out of our mouth are either beautiful by showing us with beautiful teeth, or they are ugly by showing us with ugly teeth as in her dream.


Our hair is also often used symbolically in a dream that shows our physical appearance. Since our hair covers our head or at least is associated with the head much like thoughts are associated with the mind, the appearance of our hair may say something about the state of our mind. If your hair is nicely combed the dream may be saying that your thoughts are healthy and orderly, whereas disheveled hair may be telling you that you need to clean up your thoughts and get them under control.


Teeth and hair are not the only parts of our physical appearance in a dream that are used to convey messages to us about our life. The condition of our body, the clothes we wear, and the colors in our clothes or of items around us are all used to show the state of our life. Are we dressed properly for the scene in the dream, or are we out of place?


Our dress in our physical life is one of the ways we show ourselves to other people. They reflect how we want to be seen. In a dream, they may represent how we are seen to the unconscious mind. They often represent our values. Dirty clothes may indicate that we need to clean up our thinking. Improper dress for the setting may indicate that we do not have the proper attitude or perspective for a situation in which we find ourselves in our daily life. Torn or ragged clothes may indicate that we need to reevaluate our values and make corrections.


A common dream is to be surrounded by dirty clothes that need to be washed. In that case, you should examine your values. A cleansing of your thoughts may be needed.


Another common dream is to find yourself naked or nearly so. In this case, the dream may be saying that this is the way you have recently appeared to other people, not physically naked but emotionally exposed. Your thoughts and feelings were laid bare for all to see, and in a dream you appear naked.


Our socks and shoes are important items of clothing as well. Old worn-out shoes may mean that your values are old and worn out. It may indicate that you need a new spiritual foundation in your life. Colors are often used to reflect the state of your spiritual life. Dark dismal clothes show a life without light. Colors such as blue, magenta, and lavender are used to show various degrees of spiritual development. Red, for example, is often associated with anger or energy. To understand the colors, you have to examine your life and state of mind. Colors can change from one dream to the next as your mood changes.


You may meet another person in a dream who is a stand-in for you. You are meeting yourself. The clue to this may be the person’s initials, for example, which are the same as yours. Some dream theories consider other people in dreams to all be aspects of ourselves. I believe this is false, and in my dream books I give examples of why this is not the case. Yet this belief persists. My precognitive meetings with people in dreams who I later encounter just like in the dream refute this theory.


The image you see of yourself in a dream is linked to your psychological and emotional appearance in your corporeal life. It may help to consider the following. In the Edgar Cayce readings, he described three levels of consciousness. First, there is the normal conscious mind. Second, there is the subconscious mind that is the source of most dreams. Finally, there is what he calls the superconscious mind, which is the part of mind that never left its source, the Creator. According to Cayce, some spiritual dreams originate in this third level of mind. There is really only one mind, but this structure gives a way of thinking about the different aspects of the mind.


According to Cayce, after we die the subconscious becomes the conscious and the superconscious becomes the subconscious. In this view, facing our issues now in this life is compelling because we will meet them all when we pass on. Everything we have pushed into the subconscious will be with us in our new awareness. We cannot hide from ourselves.


I cannot emphasize too strongly that your dreams are about you. Even dreams that may foreshadow an economic or political event are related to your life. You received the information because it was of interest to you. Maybe you had been thinking about something related to the event in the dream or the event would affect your life in some way. When I consider a dream, I first try to relate it to my current daily life. Most of the time there is a direct, obvious relationship, although presented in symbolic form. If I can’t relate it to my life, I reflect on family and friends to see if there is a connection with them. When I had a corporate job, I had many dreams related to situations and people at work. But most important, I had to know my thoughts and feelings to understand my dreams. I could not refuse to look at myself and expect to understand my dreams.


During my lifetime, I have discussed dreams with many people who had little knowledge of dreams. I often find an interest and even enthusiasm until the person realizes that things may be revealed that they don’t want to look at. Then they say dreams are something they’ll study at a later time, which usually means never. I have found few people who want to know what tomorrow will bring; most people shudder at the thought and say they would rather not know.


Dreams exist to help us live a more complete, balanced life. They are not there simply to point out all our failings. The good news about dreams is they give us the ability to make small incremental course corrections in our life before we make bad mistakes. They provide nightly feedback that is invaluable. Have you ever had someone in your life who you went to for advice. It may have been a parent, friend, teacher, doctor, or religious person. Maybe it was for a limited period, and you greatly miss the advice and understanding you received. Your dream advisor is always there from your earliest memories until your death. Your dream advisor is never busy with someone else or away on vacation; your advisor is focused on you and possesses wisdom and knowledge your conscious mind does not have.

Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Some Comments on my Dreams and the Economic Environment

Recently, I wrote about my dream and the US dollar. At the time of the dream, I wondered why the focus was on the dollar because it was not something I invest in or monitor. Although I could not see the direction of the dollar’s price move, I did know that it was huge. And I had a feeling that it may not be down as I expected. This dream turned out to be prescient as the strong move up in interest rates is driving the dollar ever higher. And those who bet against the dollar are suffering losses.


The increase in interest rates is now driving stocks lower. If rates continue to move higher, we can probably forget about a soft landing for the economy. Maybe they will stabilize; we will soon know the answer. I don’t know if higher rates alone will cause a stock market crash, but higher rates are not good for the market. There is a saying, “Don’t fight the Fed.” This means that when the Fed is lowering rates, it may be a good time to invest. When the Fed is raising rates, be cautious. The Fed tends to overcorrect. If they push rates too high, we could see an edge-of-cliff scenario.


I am concerned about the funding situation for Ukraine. This was one of my scenarios as an interpretation for my football dream and collapse of the team. I hope that we do not see an end to funding; I think it could be catastrophic for Ukraine.


News articles are now appearing that warn about the effect of climate change on the average household's finances. Here in Florida, I was just notified that the cost of our condo insurance held by my association will rise by 50-70 percent next year. The insurance company said we were lucky because it is going up 100 percent for most condo associations across Florida. This is the result of the huge insurance losses from increased storm activity directly attributable to climate change. Hurricanes have always been a threat, but storms are now more frequent with costs from their effects rising rapidly.


If you don’t think climate change is real, watch what happens to your household budget over the next few years. I think you will soon be convinced that something unprecedented is happening. Now it is not a question of whether we will be affected by climate change; it is a question of how much we will be affected. It is not just Florida that is affected; the recent storm in New York city was another shocking example of unprecedented storm activity. Scenarios like that are playing out across the United States and around the world.


I apologize for not continuing with my explanation of dream symbols as promised; I wanted to get these comments and those of the previous post out first. I will soon get back to dream symbols and some of their common meanings.

. .

Tuesday, September 26, 2023

An Update on a Warning Dream about the US Dollar


On August 28, I published a warning dream about the US dollar. In my interpretation, I indicated that I saw a big move, but I was not sure about the direction. It was either not indicated in the dream, or I missed it. Investors and speculators can make or lose money regardless of the direction of a move depending on whether they are on the right side of a trade. 

I believe most people who trade in the dollar were expecting interest rates to move lower, which would result in a weaker dollar. This could still suddenly happen because of some unforeseen event, but rates have moved up since my dream leading to a stronger dollar. The dollar made a six-month high last week. This has undoubtedly caused some traders who bet on a weaker dollar to suffer losses. I cannot say if the current direction of interest rates and the dollar will continue, but I am increasingly concerned about the health of the financial markets. As I advised in an earlier post, I believe this is a time for caution.


The situation in China is critical with enormous loans for housing development coming due and a large company unable to pay back loans. In this country we are facing a government shutdown, and interest rates continue to rise with mortgage rates hitting 7.5 percent on the thirty-year fixed. Houses are unaffordable for many people. The war in Ukraine rages on with no end in sight. Credit card debt is at a record level and inflation is still elevated although lower than a year ago.


The Federal Reserve has said it will continue to raise interest rates until it gets inflation closer to its 2 percent goal. This is going to cause pain for some, and that pain could rapidly expand from some to many. When a significant slowdown in the economy begins, economic conditions could rapidly deteriorate, and a soft landing becomes a recession. There is a variation of a quote from Louis Pasteur that says, “Chance favors the prepared.” Be prepared because markets do not always go up and unemployment does not always stay at record low levels.








Monday, September 25, 2023

The Killer in Plain Sight

In my post about dreams related to our physical health, I gave some of the ways in which dreams give us messages about the state of our physical health. Sometimes the messages are warnings about our future if we continue on our current path, and other times they include suggestions for improving our health. Once in the early days of my dream work, I was shown that the right place for burgers from a fast-food restaurant I occasionally visited was down the garbage disposal. Another time I was shown that I should drink more orange juice and less milk to correct a problem I was having. I heeded the advice both times and benefited physically.


In working with your dreams, you will soon realize that good health, both physical and emotional, begins with the conscious mind. It begins with our beliefs and our daily thoughts. The best diet and exercise programs may not save you if you are suffering from extreme stress over a prolonged time. I recall a brief conversation with a salesman who was a business colleague who had recently been informed by a cardiologist that he needed a triple bypass. He was a trim man in his early fifties who exercised regularly and maintained a good diet. But that wasn’t enough. His cardiologist told him there were three main causes of heart disease: bad diet, lack of exercise, and stress. The stress did him in. He was under great stress that he did not handle well for an extended period, and his physical health suffered as a result.


I once had a conversation with another colleague, who was also a salesman, but for a different part of the company. He was a star performer in a very high-pressure job and bragged about his ability to live a life of extremes. He dealt with his stress with alcohol, sex, and food. I asked him how he was able to maintain late night visits to the bar at the hotel where he stayed while in town for meetings and still show up at 8:00 am the next day. He laughed and said that people often told him he would not live to see thirty, but he proved them wrong because he had turned thirty a few months earlier. A few months later we were told he was found dead of an apparent heart attack. He saw thirty, but not thirty-one.


These two examples may seem extreme, but nowadays I believe many are feeling high stress levels because the pace of everything has accelerated. Even back before the digital age, many in professions you may not consider high stress jobs were suffering the effects of prolonged stress. I once worked on a project to provide automation for a newspaper company. I was part of a team that included several people from my company and some individuals from the newspaper side. One of the newspaper representatives was a man who had a severe drinking problem. His coworker told me it was common in their business because each day they had a new deadline to meet. Think about how your stress level may have increased when facing a deadline on an assignment in school or at work. With them the deadline was every day.


Stress can be beneficial if you are faced with a situation in which your entire body needs to be quickly galvanized to action. Or you are feeling stressed because you have failed to do something you should do. The stress is a reminder that action is needed. But prolonged stress with no solution can leave you depressed and feeling hopeless. You feel like there is no way out of your situation and that you have no control over your life. The mental stress causes real physiological changes to your body. On a temporary basis, they may be proper for the situation. But a prolonged basis, your organs may be negatively affected because your body was not intended to receive the chemical changes for the long term. Instead of a brief elevation in your blood pressure, for example, you are left with a permanently elevated blood pressure.


Some people begin to turn to chemical remedies to reduce the feeling of being stressed out. They turn to the latest drugs to get a high and before long they have substituted an even worse problem for their stress. And the cause of the stress is still there. Decades ago, the preferred chemical solution was alcohol, and it is still a problem today for many. But with the availability of more potent solutions that are faster acting than drinking alcohol, many have turned to opioids including some very powerful synthetic varieties.


The problem of drug addiction often begins from opioid treatment for physical pain, which may have resulted from surgery. Here I am addressing the use of drugs for relief from mental pain because life seems unbearable. For some the result of prolonged stress was physical disease; others turned to drugs before physical disease occurred, but they now had an addition with negative physical side effects from the drugs.


Dreams are messages from your subconscious that are trying to keep you on a path that will optimize the value of your life—to maximize your full potential. They deal with all aspects of your life: physical, mental, and spiritual. In the view of Carl Jung, they are important for uniting the conscious and subconscious into a whole that represents the complete person, a process he called individuation. We must begin to examine the mind because everything begins there. A high-quality life and a life of disease both have their origin there. We must become self-aware of the contents of our conscious mind through observation and reflection, and the contents of our subconscious mind through our dreams.


If you have a physical disease that developed over time, the starting point was the mind. Your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings put into action daily were either beneficial or harmful for your physical body. Often the very thoughts themselves with their corresponding action on the body chemistry is the primary cause of the disease. Edgar Cayce said, “Mind is the builder. The physical is the result.” If you are filled with hate, you are negatively affecting your physical body and disease will most likely be the result. If you constantly worry, an ulcer or other stomach problem may well be in your future.


Medical studies have shown relationships between people’s personalities and certain types of disease. It was found that cancer patients often hold feelings within rather than expressing them (see I am not suggesting that this is the only cause of cancer. But it is a factor. The stress they felt was internalized. The immune system is affected by stress, and its ability to fight off disease can be compromised by factors that negatively affect the immune system. In many cases, stress is the killer in plain sight.


Since the mental world we inhabit is so large and varied, you should not be surprised that your dream world will also be large and varied. Nevertheless, there are some common symbols relating to our broader life that are not specific to our physical health. These include a house with its many rooms and fixtures. Others include the landscape surrounding us and the activities we find ourselves involved in. A few simple symbols that often relate to our daily speech and our thoughts are our teeth and hair. In my next post, I will begin to examine these symbols and what they may mean in a dream.

Friday, September 22, 2023

Dreams of Warning

A very valuable aspect of dream interpretation is the potential for preventing a disaster, or at least minimizing the impact if it can’t be prevented. I showed this in the post on dreams about our physical health. Dreams can come in many different forms because the subconscious has a rich array of memories and associations from which it can build a message or story. Sometimes the dream is a very clear warning without a need for interpretation, and other times an interpretation is required.


Let’s consider some examples. When I moved to Florida after retirement, I looked for a condo that was close to my son’s location. I wasn’t yet sure I wanted Florida to be my permanent residence, so I thought I would buy a small unit that could just be a winter home. I found a place and made an offer. That night I had a dream in which a man said, “You bought the wrong place.” After further investigation, I saw some problems with the property and withdrew my offer. A few weeks later I found a place that was the right one. I have lived in it ever since and don’t regret the decision.


The warning I received was very clear and required no interpretation. Another time many years ago when my son was a young child, I had the following dream. The telephone rang, I answered it, and a voice said, “Your son is in trouble.” This telephone dream is rare, but when a dream like this occurs, it is often literal. I did some checking and discovered that a larger older kid was bullying my son in a pre-school where he was enrolled.


Another time I invested some money in the stock market that was a speculative purchase. One night I had a dream in which a voice from the background of the stock market depicted as Las Vegas said, “Get out now.” I did not heed the advice and suffered a loss.


Warnings are not always as clear cut. I owned a condo in Dayton, Ohio, when I moved to Florida. I rented it for a few years before deciding to sell it. When I sold it, I remember the day of closing. It was a Friday, and I was in Florida because I did not have to be physically present for the closing. While shopping at Publix, I felt confident that within a few hours the sale would close. It was a straightforward sale with no special conditions.


In the back of my mind, I had some uneasiness about a dream from the previous night. I dreamed about water leaking from a wall and chaos resulting. At the time, I did not think it related to my condo in Dayton.


My mobile phone rang and the realtor managing the sale for me informed me that water was leaking from inside a wall onto the unit below mine. She tried to get a plumber, but she couldn’t until the following Monday. A chaotic period followed with contract amendments sent to me via email to get all the necessary signatures on amended agreements to manage the water issue so the closing could move ahead.


For my final example, I refer to a dream I had early in my work career and not long after I began a study of my dreams. I dreamed that a tornado hit the main building of the company where I worked, and a smaller tornado hit the satellite building in which I was located. I knew enough about dreams to be concerned that something bad might happen, but conditions at the company seemed good and I had no concerns about my job.


Within a few weeks, the company reported losing a major contract and announced layoffs. The cuts in employment were deep in the main building, and moderate in the building where I worked. My job was not affected by the layoffs. The dream was purely symbolic where the destructive power of a tornado was used to stand for another destructive event unrelated to weather.


Storms are often used in dreams as symbols of destructive influences. The actual “storms” may be medical, psychological, job related, economic, or something else entirely. If you live in Florida like I do, and it is hurricane season, the dream may be literal. But if you are far away from where hurricanes can strike, look for something else as the meaning of the dream. Again, your dreams are about you: your thoughts and beliefs, your environment, and your associations. You must come to know yourself; you must become aware of the life you live. No one else can do it for you.


I offer some advice here. Do not be afraid to make mistakes in your interpretations. With the study of your dreams, you are becoming familiar with the workings of your subconscious. Each mistake helps guide you to a better understanding of your dreams. If you don’t make mistakes, you probably aren’t interpreting many dreams.


As an example, let’s examine the dream I posted on 9/19/2023 that I categorized as a warning dream. The dream is clearly a collapse about something. But equally obvious, it is most likely not a dream about football. The question becomes one of figuring out what the football team and cheerleaders stand for. Since this dream does not seem to relate to my personal life, I asked the following: What does it relate to? On a national level, we are currently seeing some threats of collapse in a few areas. The Republican party seems close to collapse in trying to reach agreement on a budget that will keep our government open. And of course, we have the threat of a government shutdown. However, I have trouble relating this to the dream because of the cheerleaders.


Next, we have the UAW strike. The workers have helped make the car makers very profitable the past few years, and a collapse in talks and huge losses for car makers could affect everyone, including those on strike. They would not recover what they believed they were owed because of their investment of time and effort. Still, the connections to the dream seem tenuous.


Some members of congress are opposing further aid to Ukraine. If the US were to cut off further aid, the effect could be disastrous. Would this be enough to cause Ukraine to collapse. I don’t know. The cheerleaders in the dream could be the countries who have supported Ukraine with large investments in military and humanitarian aid. In the dream, the cheer leaders what to know how to get their money back. I tell them they cannot, which of course would be the case if Ukraine loses.


Finally, I consider a collapse in financial markets. The team (US stock market) has been a winner; the stock market has certainly been the place to be invested. The cheerleaders would be the investors who have cheered the market on by making investments of their hard-earned dollars. If the stock market collapsed, they would lose those investments and might not get their money back. History has shown that markets recover in time, but they might have a long wait depending on the cause of the collapse. Now I think you can see that it is not obvious that this is the correct interpretation. But given some other dreams that appear related to a huge market downturn and the precarious political situation in this country, along with the war in Ukraine, I think a stock market collapse is a definite possibility.


This dream is the kind of dream that will only be clear in time when the event occurs. But I consider it a warning dream because it might show a financial collapse that would affect every American. If the collapse does not happen, I am no worse off. I have just shown added caution until the political situation is clarified, and Ukraine’s outcome is decided. Of course, climate change is a great unknown factor. At any time, this could take precedence over everything else.




Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Another Dream about a Collapse

Today the Federal Reserve is meeting, and they will announce their position on interest rates tomorrow. I watched the business news and those interviewed seemed to think the Fed will not raise rates. This could be a positive for stocks. Many economists and financial experts believe we may have a soft landing with no recession after all. Some are even saying that they expect a runup in tech stocks later in the year. This may be what happens, but I can’t ignore continuing troubling dreams that appear to relate to the stock market.


I recently had another dream that could relate to the financial markets. The dream used the theme of a football team, which may have been the Dallas Cowboys, often referred to as America’s team. In the dream, people had rushed to support them investing large sums of money. The cheerleaders had invested their savings in the team as they cheered the team on. Then things went terribly wrong and there was a huge collapse; the losses were enormous. The cheerleaders lost most of their investment and wanted to know how to get their money back. But it was gone, and the team was a mess. It was only worth a fraction of its previous value. I told them there was no way they could recover their investments.


A time horizon was not given in the dream, but dreams like this normally do not precede the event by a long period. My experience with my dreams is that if the event is going to occur, it will occur in weeks or months at most. If this dream does relate to the financial markets, I think the period from now through the end of the year is a critical time. I suspect that if there is a stock market collapse, we will have little warning. Something will happen that causes the big money managers to decide to unload their stocks. Then panic will set in.


There are things investors can do to protect themselves in the event of a market crash or just a selloff. If you are an investor and are concerned, check with a financial advisor for advice. Also, check your holdings to see how they are rated in terms of risk and look to see how they have performed in previous major selloffs. In a true crash good stocks are taken down as well bad ones as everything is sold, but percentage wise they may lose less than the average stock loss. And they will usually recover more quickly as the market stabilizes. The stocks that lose the most are the more speculative ones.


I am not a financial advisor and cannot tell anyone what to do concerning their investments. During my lifetime, my dreams have often been precognitive. So, I am making available dreams that occur that may relate to conditions beyond my individual life. Dreams that are about the economy, politics, weather, and other general topics are included.




The Awesome Predictive Power of Dreams

The following dream is described in my dream books, but I think it is worth revisiting it here. It clearly demonstrates something scientists are beginning to understand (see 9/11/2023 post), which is the predictive ability of dreams to show disease before it manifests physically. This dream occurred more than twenty years ago.


One night I dreamed that I saw a drop of blood go splat, and I heard a voice say, “In ninety days.” The scene switched to what appeared to be a doctor’s office. A nurse stood beside the doctor as he performed some procedure on me. The dream then ended. When I awoke with the memory of the dream, I was upset. I wondered if it was telling me I was going to have a stroke or a heart attack, although I was not in a dire condition in the doctor’s office. I felt fine and had no symptoms that would suggest an approaching health emergency. I paid close attention to my health for the next several days but found nothing out of the ordinary. I began to think that the dream meant something else and was not related to my physical health.


As ninety days approached, I began to think about the dream again. Then at exactly ninety days, I awoke from sleep and noticed as I got up that something was clouding the vision in my left eye. I went to the bathroom to look in the mirror, expecting to see some debris in my eye. But I found nothing. The eye appeared clear. I was due for my annual visit to my ophthalmologist, so I went to see him for what I hoped was a simple fix because the visual obstruction had not cleared.


He spent a long time examining my left eye, finally saying that what I was seeing was dried blood. He said it would eventually clear, and he added that it was normally a sign of a retina tear, but he couldn’t see one. Nevertheless, he wanted a specialist to look at it. He called a retina specialist, and I drove from his office to the specialist’s office for an appointment. I now knew that it may be serious.


The retina specialist spent a long time examining the eye, and he finally said there was a small tear in the corner of the retina, which caused the drop of blood. After several different eye drops were administered by a nurse, I sat in a chair while he performed a laser procedure, with the nurse beside him, to seal the tear. That fixed the problem, and I have never had any problems with thar eye’s retina since then.


I should add that during regular yearly appointments, no problem with the retina was ever found. And I had no symptoms or forewarning that the tear would occur. I think the dream is a great example of the predictive ability of the subconscious mind to not only see a problem developing, but to calculate exactly when it would manifest physically. It predicted the drop of blood on the exact day it would occur ninety days ahead of time. And it determined that it would be corrected by a relatively simple procedure.


The subconscious mind, seeing the problem developing, informed my conscious mind through a dream. In this case, there was little I could do other than to prepare myself psychologically for some health event. The fact that the dream showed me conscious and alert in the doctor’s office undergoing a procedure that did not appear to be a major operation comforted me.


The dream was predictive for the blood splat that happened in exactly ninety days. But what about the treatment of the problem. How could my subconscious know how the problem would be resolved? Was it also making some calculation concerning treatment based on the nature of the problem? I don’t normally give this as an example of precognition because most of the dream can be explained as the operation of the predictive power of the subconscious. And I have better examples for precognition. But the dream does show that our dreams can predict a health problem long before it manifests physically.


Do not just write off this dream as a singular example that you consider a coincidence. It demonstrates what scientists are discovering about the predictive power of dreams for disease. Take some time to reflect on that. Think about how much grief could be avoided if you knew ahead of time that some disease was developing or about to develop in your body. You could act to either avert the disease or reduce the effects of it. A dream issues a warning for a reason—to address the issue before it becomes a critical problem. This may mean changing your diet, getting more exercise, or reducing stress levels—or getting some medical procedure.


Your dreams are for your benefit. The subconscious is continuously monitoring your blood and internal organs right down to the cellular level. Some may say, I don’t want to know if a disease is developing or will develop. I don’t want to change my habits and attitude. You have that right, and the cemeteries are full of people who died early because of it. Health experts encourage people to get various preventive tests for intestinal tumors, heart disease, risks of stroke, and for women, breast cancer. Your subconscious is monitoring your body all the time and sending you dreams to warn you of any problems. You don’t have to leave your house, and it is free. Take advantage of it.


Now some of you may want to start studying your dreams but you can’t remember them. I believe that this can be overcome with the use of the power of suggestion right before you fall asleep. Tell yourself that you will remember your dreams upon awakening. See yourself remembering your dreams when you get up. You must be serious about remembering your dreams and not afraid of them. You may have to repeat this procedure for several days before you get results.


Your sincerity and desire to get help from your dreams can be further demonstrated by having a notebook handy or audio recorder to record your dreams. Dreams can be fleeting and when you recall a dream, firmly fix it in your mind before you even get out of bed. That simple movement can cause you to lose the dream.


If you are afraid of what you may find in your dreams, you are likely to suppress them. You must believe they are for your benefit and want to understand their messages. Daily meditation is important and helps establish your intent to receive guidance for you daily life. It opens the channel of communication with higher powers, and you will find improved dream content along with spiritual direction and the awakening of your paranormal abilities.


I will say more about it in a later post, but recording your dreams is essential for real progress in understanding your dreams. Often when you cannot interpret a dream, it will be part of a pattern. Recurring dreams in various guises are extremely important, but without a record of your nightly dreams, the pattern may not be recognized. Also, your memories of details can deteriorate quickly, and without the record of a previous dream you may have lost critical details when you decide to examine it later.