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Saturday, August 28, 2021

Edgar Cayce's Two Astonishing Claims about Dreams

In my last post, I said that in the next post, I would provide examples of the numerous benefits I received from dreams during my lifetime. Instead, I am first providing some additional background about my introduction to dreams. This background gives you my reasons for studying my dreams and why I followed the path I did. It provides the powerful motivation that drove my dream work.


As a young man, I was searching for meaning in my life. I was not happy with my job and began to flounder. I quickly reached a point where I was dissatisfied with life in general. Then I was given a copy of There is a River, the story of Edgar Cayce by Thomas Sugrue. Edgar Cayce was a famous twentieth-century American clairvoyant who helped thousands of people through his clairvoyant readings.


The story made a big impression on me and led me to join an Edgar Cayce study group that met weekly to work through two small volumes called The Search for God books. As part of the weekly program, we spent time discussing the members’ dreams. I learned that Edgar Cayce had made two astonishing claims about dreams. He said that we could do anything he did through our dreams if we were willing to pay the price. And he said that our dreams “foreshadowed” every significant event in our lives.


Both claims fascinated me, but the one I focused on was the claim that our dreams foreshadowed the future. I felt that this claim gave me something I could study and measure. If what Cayce said was true, I should be able to see this correspondence in my dreams. So, I began to record and analyze my dreams.


Now, spend a few minutes thinking about these claims. If true, they change the entire view most people have about the meaning of life and how the universe works. They claim that we have powers and potential that few demonstrate and are not yet accepted by science. And they depict a future already known before it becomes physical reality in our daily lives. You can see the truth or falseness of the claims for yourself by studying your dreams. If true, you can develop your intuitive powers to do many of the things Cayce did while in trance. You can see the future you are building before it becomes corporeal reality. And if you don’t like that future, you can change it before it becomes your life.


Now, the claim that dreams foreshadow every significant event in our lives raises many questions. One is whether we can really change the future. And if we can, is it really the future? I am not going to discuss this and other questions in this post; here, I simply want to focus on the claims and what led me to make dream study an important part of my life. In my books, I consider the various questions and comment on them in detail.


In the early days of the study group, I set about recording and trying to interpret my dreams. After several months, I was getting discouraged and began to think that Cayce’s claim about dreams foreshadowing our future was nonsense. Then one overcast Sunday I decided to review all my recordings to see if I was missing something. That is when a revelation occurred, and I realized I had overlooked what now seemed like an obvious message. Once I understood the message, my dreams changed and began to foreshadow all the main events in my life. I could literally see the next day from my dreams of the night before, including unplanned occurrences. I believe that the earlier messages were critically important and had to first be understood before the future was revealed.

If my day at work consisted of three of four significant events, I would see them in my dreams in the order in which they occurred. I could tell if something was likely to happen in the morning, around midday, or later in the day. If I received an unexpected call from someone, I would both see the call and the overall tone of the call in my dream from the previous night. Now some would say it is just a coincidence. But when this happened every day, several times a day, and included outbursts in meetings or what appeared to be random encounters, coincidence could not explain it. And sometimes I would see conditions or events weeks, months, and even years in the future.


I saw automobile accidents before they occurred, plane crashes, sudden stock market moves, and actions I was going to take in the future before the situation requiring action occurred or was known to me. My memoir, The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams, recounts many of them. My whole view of life was unalterably changed.


In a future post, I will describe some of the dreams and how I benefited from my precognition. My objective is to show you the great power you possess to control your life. You are not a helpless victim of chance; you create the life you live. You can see where you are going from your dreams; if you don’t like what you see, you can change it.


As I have said in earlier posts, disease does not just suddenly happen. You may suddenly become aware of a heart problem, cancer, or some other disease, but your subconscious has known about it as the condition was developing, sometimes years before a diagnosis. That is why through your dreams it is possible to put your life on a different path so the physical disease does not occur.


As a final comment, Cayce claimed we can do what he did through our dreams. But there was a caveat; we must be willing to pay the price. You must examine your purpose. With power comes responsibility. If you misuse some new ability, you may seriously affect your spiritual life and regress during this lifetime. Edgar Cayce’s life was not an easy one; he did not experience great wealth or power. Instead, he chose to help thousands of people who were suffering from physical or mental problems. His life was one of service to others.


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Why is Change Hard?

As we grow up, we develop a view of life—a perspective on how the world works. I believe that most people carry that perspective to their graves. During their lives, they may change in superficial ways, but the essence of who they are and what they believe doesn’t change. We frequently hear complaints from teenagers that their parents are fixed in their ways and cannot change. So, why is this the case? Why is it so hard for people to change?


In my many years of working with dreams, I have had more success than the other people I knew who started on the same path. Although I have always had an easy time recalling my dreams, I don’t think that is the reason for greater success. I believe the reason for my success is because of one single factor: I was willing to change. That doesn’t mean that change was easy for me. In my book The Man Who Sees Tomorrow in His Dreams, I describe the difficulty I often experienced in following my dream guidance. Sometimes it was downright painful.


People seem to have great difficult in admitting mistakes. They often double down on bad actions rather than admit they were wrong. We are clearly seeing that with some of our government officials who are unable to admit mistakes, even when there are dire consequences. As an example, consider Kristi Noem, the Governor of South Dakota, who takes great pride in the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally recently held, even though evidence from the prior year’s rally showed it had been a spreader of COVID-19. And now we have the report, which is no great surprise. She doubled down from last year.


As another example, consider the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis, who even this week with the worst COVID numbers in the country is still claiming his approach to no mandates is the right one. He has said that masks don’t work, even though there is concrete evidence that masks do work. (See He continues to double down even though according to the latest polls the majority of Floridians do not agree with him. So, who does he represent?


I have picked two glaring examples of two political leaders who are unwilling to change their views despite scientific evidence that shows they are wrong. Obviously, they are not alone in this character deficiency. We all suffer from this to some extent. But in their cases, this deficiency has huge adverse consequences. One of the traits that I want to see in candidates I vote for is the ability to admit they are wrong and change course when necessary. We have never elected an official who is perfect and makes no mistakes, but the ones we elect should be able to recognize their big mistakes and change.


Again, I am back to the question: Why is it so hard for people to change? I think it goes back to the sense of self each of us has created from our earliest years. By the time we become adults, our view of ourselves and the world is firmly fixed. Perhaps people see an admission of being wrong and a willingness to change as a threat to their identity. They see it as a sign of weakness. They begin to doubt themselves in other areas as well. It creates a sense of insecurity.

Maybe the answer is in the question. Some people are just lazy. They realize that they need to change, but it is easier for them to just maintain the status quo. Change requires effort and they decide to do nothing. They may tell themselves that they will do it later, but that later never comes.


I believe that one of the main reasons a college education is valuable is to broaden our view of life by learning about other beliefs and cultures. For that reason, I a am a proponent of a liberal arts education, and I find that some technical programs do not do enough to expose students to the liberal arts. The college years are often the last opportunity to affect young adults view of life.


The resistance to change is one of the reasons that people are not successful in working with their dreams even if they record and interpret them. In the end, it is the daily application that is important. If a person does not apply the guidance from their dreams, little progress will be made. And even after years of study, they will still be dealing with the same issues in their lives. Difficult as it may be, you must apply what you learn from your dreams in your daily life. I believe that is the key to my success with dreams. They helped me change in a positive way and improved all aspects of my life. They often did it in small steps that I could incorporate into my daily life.


In the next post, I will focus on some of the concrete ways that dreams improved my life. I will show you what is possible with a sincere effort. And by sincere effort, I mean you must put your ego aside. If you think you know what is best and are only willing to apply guidance that agrees with your desires and preconceived notions, you will not make much progress. If your attitude is, I am what I am and do not intend to change, then don’t bother with dreams. You will be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Dreams, Beliefs, and Climate Change

Do Americans believe in climate change? The answer appears to be no, at least not enough to think it will have a significant impact on their lives. I am not a fan of CNN, but the article is worth reading. My son is a real-estate broker, and we follow the housing trends closely. People are buying houses in areas that are at great risk. They may believe in climate change because of global warming, but the majority do not appear to consider that as a factor when choosing where to live.


For more than fifty years, I have had dreams about massive changes to weather and the topography of the Earth. I have not always been given a time frame, but by piecing together my dreams, I have concluded that we are in a decade of great change. And my dreams are consistent with the revelations received by others. Obviously, most people do not believe that great changes will occur and affect their lives. However, some are beginning to worry about climate change, and they have sought different locations for their future. But they are beginning to realize that the changes are not localized and finding a safe, desirable place may be difficult.


What people believe—even the majority—may not be true. When the pandemic started, many people thought it was not serious and took few precautions. Now we have over six hundred thousand dead, and some of the survivors will have serious health problems the remainder of their lives. I think that few people saw the world still struggling with a disease more than eighteen months after its first appearance in the United States. And fewer still had any idea of just how rapidly it would spread.


Climate change is accelerating. Every time a new scientific assessment is made, the time frame to catastrophe shrinks. You may feel relatively helpless to do much about it. However, one thing you can do is to turn within to find your own role during this time of change. Where should you live and what should you be doing? What contribution can you make to help humanity? This is not an idol challenge. Sometimes one person can change the entire course of history. Look at the impact a teenage Swedish girl Greta Thunberg has had. She refused to be silent and do nothing.


I am not suggesting that you need to become an environmental activist. But I am suggesting you may have a greater role than you realize, and it may be one you are not consciously aware of. Turn within and begin to record and interpret your dreams. Your unconscious mind has been trying to talk to you your entire life. Sometimes you may have a feel or intuition about something; this is your unconscious trying to bring something to your conscious awareness. Every night it responds to your daily thoughts and activities; pay attention to that feedback so you may become whole.


Great changes from global warming, volcanic eruptions, and earthquakes can occur suddenly with little warning. If you are in the wrong place when they occur, relocating may mean giving up everything to save your life and the lives of your family members. I was in Florida when hurricane Irma hit in 2017. The track for the hurricane changed several times and the final one did not become clear until right before it hit. Thousands of people from South Florida tried to escape the storm and flooded the Interstate. Gas stations ran out of gas and people were stranded in their cars. It was chaos.


Look at the evacuations in Afghanistan to get an idea of the chaos involved in trying to evacuate tens of thousands of people in a short period. What if the number was in the millions? Climate change is real and is happening now with acceleration in temperature changes and effects on the delicate balances in the jet stream and global currents. And yet people are moving to the very areas at greatest risk. People still do not believe science, which has warned people for several decades about climate change and the impact on coastal regions.


God is not responsible for the problems we face with climate change. Humans are responsible, and humans will pay the price because we meet what we have created. If you want to see what you have created in your personal life, pay attention to your dreams. They will show you the future you are building, as well as situations beyond your control.


Prior to the landfall of hurricane Irma, I had a dream showing that a storm of enormous magnitude was going to hit Florida. It was all encompassing and there was no avoiding it. Irma did manage to engulf the entire state of Florida. Fortunately, I was not on the coast and live in an area that is relatively safe, but I was still affected by a power outage for four days.


Your conscious mind can only hold a limited amount of information. It operates based on the picture the senses give it of its surroundings, and the beliefs it has formed during its existence. Its lens captures a narrow part of reality. Even for the corporeal world, it only captures a portion of what exists. Your eyesight is tuned to a tiny portion of the electromagnetic spectrum, and your ears to a small part of the sound spectrum. Some animals see and hear far better than humans. And from a trip to Colorado, I learned that bears could smell food five miles away, so great care was required with garbage.


Most of the time, we are unaware of the unconscious mind. But it is like the iceberg with the conscious mind the portion above water, while the greater amount is below the surface. Do not limit your life to that small, but critical part, that is your conscious mind. A great engine lies beneath surface consciousness that can solve your every problem and guide you in ways you may never have imagined.  


The world is out of time. Climate change is happening now, and the effects are getting worse. Don’t wait until you are out of time in your personal life before you begin to search for answers within. The ability to meditate and work with your dreams takes time to master. When interpreting your dreams, you are learning a new language—the language of your subconscious mind. You will not instantly become an expert, so don’t wait until you are in a crisis to begin.

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Dreams—The Ultimate Feedback Mechanism

How would you like to have accurate feedback for the state of your health and for every important decision you make in your life? Often, we find ourselves in a quandary: Did I do the right thing? It may be about a job offer, the choosing of a partner, the selection of a doctor, a major purchase, or any one of several other things that are important to our happiness and wellbeing.


I have often heard women expressing their frustrations to friends about their choice of a boyfriend or partner. A common refrain is the plea: Why do I always choose such losers? Obviously, there is a problem with their decision making. Maybe they are just too trusting and don’t recognize the real intent of the other person. Regardless of the reason for their plight, I think there is an answer for their problem.


Nature has provided a mechanism for evaluating our conscious decisions. A deeper level of consciousness is always watching and evaluating everything we think, do, and every decision we make. It is a natural process that is there to help us maintain balance in our lives and fulfill our purpose on this Earth. It seeks to guide us to a life of balance and harmony so we may be complete.


The mechanism I am referring to is the dream state. Every night our dreams provide feedback on the day’s activities and provide guidance so we may have a better life. It cost nothing; it functions whether we pay attention to its messages or completely ignore them. It is an inner guru that is always there for guidance and advice. However, I issue a caveat here. The help you receive is not necessarily in the form your conscious mind wants, and you cannot use the dreams for selfish purposes without consequences.


Many believe that after our deaths, we will experience a review of our lives and be judged accordingly based on how we have lived. Some have likened dreams to a daily review by your soul of how you have done that day. You cannot fool the unconscious mind; it knows your every thought and intent.


If this inner guru has this power, you may well ask why everyone isn’t using this all-knowing advisor. In my books, I go into detail about all the reasons that dreams are mostly ignored. For this post, I list the key reasons: fear, laziness, and unawareness.


If you could know your future, would you want to? I believe most people really do not want to know. They especially don’t want to know how their daily activities are judged. They don’t want to see themselves objectively; they would prefer to keep whatever illusion they have about themselves. And some are terrified of what they may see and what the future may bring. They would rather not know.


Some people are just too lazy to spend the time recording their dreams and learning to interpret them. They may believe that dreams do contain valuable messages, but they just never get around to investigating them. They tell themselves that is for another day.


Finally, I think most people just don’t know anything about dreams. They think that for the most part they are just some meaningless constructions of the mind while they sleep. Few are taught anything about dreams, and science is still undecided about the purpose of dreams. So, the general population has no idea that the answers they desperate seek already lie within themselves.


The reason I authored my books on dreams was to do my part to correct the lack of awareness about dreams. Everything I say you can through your dreams I have done in my own life. In my book The Inner Guru, I present examples from my own life to show how my dreams have helped me in every aspect of my life. Some authors of dream books provide numerous examples of dreams various people have had to illustrate their points, but you learn little about the role they have in the author’s life. I decided to make it more personal and show that I have done everything I claimed you can do through your dreams. By taking this approach, the reader can see how to apply them in totality to their own lives.


You are not alone without help; the help is always present. You just need to learn the language the inner source of help uses to communicate with you. The source is within you and has your best interests as its purpose. It is a part of you, but not one limited by the physical and consumed by its demands of this world. It can see beyond all the pettiness and silliness that often engulfs you; it is your inner guru. It is your spiritual advisor and practical guide to a better life.


As a final caveat, the quality of our dreams is affected by our purpose. If you seek to live a better life, you will receive help. If you have selfish and petty motives, you may find your dreams of little benefit. If your dreams are just meaningless muddles, that may be because that is the state of your conscious mind. Dreams occur at various levels in the unconscious. To reach the level of spiritual awareness and guidance, your purpose must reflect that desire.

Monday, August 23, 2021

COVID-19 and Your Health

We have seen an explosion of articles about vaccines and various treatments for COVID-19. But far fewer articles have appeared that include natural ways to strengthen your immune system. Of course, they are not like a vaccine; you are not going to see results in a few weeks. Nevertheless, there are ways to strengthen your immune system over time so you either will not get COVID-19 or any infection you do get will not be serious. My comments do not apply to just COVID-19; they apply to disease in general.


In previous posts, I have written about some ways through diet to protect yourself from viruses, but because of the surge in cases from the delta variant, I think some of it bears repeating. Also, this post is an opportunity to add to my earlier comments.


A good diet is not a secret; countless articles have been written recommending daily consumption of fruits and vegetables. Salads, whole grains, and certain fruits are very beneficial, often in ways not readily apparent. They contain important antioxidants and other chemicals for keeping us healthy. The history of COVID-19 infections and deaths over the past year and a half clearly indicates that people with weak or compromised immune systems are at the greatest risk.


Sometimes we will see a news article about a healthy young person contracting COVID-19 and dying. However, the good health of the person prior to getting COVID-19 is an assumption. A weak immune system cannot be determined by just looking at a person. The young strong person might have little resistance to a virus because of a weak immune system, which could be from a bad diet, stress, or other factors.


If you want to give yourself the best chance of staying healthy and avoiding a serious infection, follow the guidelines for a healthy lifestyle: good diet, regular exercise, and reduced stress. If you smoke, drink, eat the wrong foods, and often get inadequate amounts of sleep, you are a prime candidate for contracting COVID-19 or some other disease. Even one of these items can weaken your immune system.


Some supplements can help strengthen your immune system, but they should not be viewed as a substitute for a good diet (see There is no secret to good health. It requires a balanced lifestyle where diet, exercise, and mental state all play a role.


Excessive stress can weaken the immune system. It has been shown to lead to high blood pressure and is a factor in hearth disease. Because of its effect on the immune system, it can lead to premature aging and open the body up to diseases that a healthy immune system would fight off. This is one reason that it is important to practice regular meditation. The period of meditation need not be a long one. Like with exercise, even a brief period of five minutes can be beneficial. I meditate in the morning because this helps me start the day on a positive note and prepares me to meet the challenges of the day.


The key word and one stressed by Edgar Cayce in his readings is “balance.” Excesses in any area can lead to problems. We can easily see this for many of the celebrities who are frequently in the news. They emphasize one area and may achieve prominence, but it is often at a high price. In recent weeks, several news articles about psychological problems experienced by top athletes have appeared. Without a balance of body, mind, and spirit, we can quickly find ourselves in trouble.


Now, a few words about religion and whether church attendance will protect you from COVID-19. I think the answer is clearly no; multiple infections and deaths among members of congregations have shown that not only are church members not spared, but the gatherings provide a breeding ground for the virus.


You might wonder why God does not protect the believers. My view is that God has provided ways for humans to prosper. We have a conscious mind and ability to reason. Science has determined what we need to do to maintain good health. Just because someone is in church every Sunday does not mean they are leading a balanced life. In fact, many are leading very unhealthy lives. Yet, they want God to say that is OK. They ignore all the natural laws and think they should be protected because they enter a building called a church once a week. I am not saying that you shouldn’t go to church, and I am not saying that spiritual people don’t attend church. Attending church is a personal decision. However, going to church alone does not make you spiritual or exempt from natural laws.


True faith may be able to overcome disease and many other limitations. But I believe few people have true faith, which is why faith healing often fails. True faith is much more than saying the words: yes, I believe that Jesus Christ was the son of God. Or I believe God can heal me. There cannot be a single shred of doubt in your mind. If you ask for a healing, but deep down don’t think you are worthy. Or if you think that God may not grant your request, you have defeated yourself and do not have true faith. Saying I hope God heals me or a loved one, does not demonstrate faith.


The people I have known in churches I attended often had the same doubts as those who never attend. Many desperately wanted to believe that there is a God, but they still had some doubts. They hoped that God exists and would recognize their weekly church attendance when they are judged. But few demonstrated the faith needed for healing to occur. Some were good people who tried to do what was right in their lives. But they lacked the requisite faith.


I think that few people believe in faith healing. From the time we are a young child, we are raised within a system of medicine that relies heavily on drugs to treat disease. As pointed out by Seth in the Jane Roberts’ book The Nature of Personal Reality, people strongly believe in that system. They expect it to work and for many it does work. They do not know how to activate faith healing, so if they suddenly gave up their prescriptions and traditional treatment, they would be in real trouble.


For those who do not want to be completely dependent on drugs, I think a good approach is to explore some areas of alternative medicine. As they begin to reduce their needs on prescriptions and see ways to improve their health though diet, exercise, meditation, and other therapies such as spinal adjustments, they will change their views on healing. And some will reach a point where they can heal themselves with few, if any, visits to a doctor.


My approach to good health requires time and commitment. But the benefits are enormous. COVID-19 may not be the last virus humanity encounters, or even the deadliest. We meet ourselves; we meet what we have built as individuals and as a society. We have created the conditions for viruses such as COVID-19 to flourish, just as we have created the conditions that led to global warming. We need to reestablish balance in our individual lives and our interactions with the Earth. If we continue to treat the Earth as something to plunder and our garbage dump, we will experience disease and eventually a wasteland will replace our lush forests.


I am amazed at the hostile reaction of so many people to the COVID-19 vaccines. Some of these people angrily cry out that they will not put that poison into their bodies while they puff on their cigarettes and down their drinks in the bars. The women wear makeup that often contains extremely toxic chemicals. And the food that many consume is likely to be far more harmful than any COVID vaccine. They have few, if any, concerns about living a healthy lifestyle, but the vaccine is taboo. If they get a sexually transmitted disease, they will be at the doctor begging for a shot or prescription to take away the discomfort and pain. And do those who practice unsafe sex know what is going into their bodies. If I were a betting man, I would wager that a considerable amount of that took place at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally recently held.


Many have made the vaccine a political issue. Some consider it their constitutional right to not wear a mask or be vaccinated, but I doubt that many have ever looked at the constitution, let alone read it. They must acquire a driver’s license to drive a motorized vehicle, purchase a hunting license to hunt, pay property taxes, dress appropriately to enter certain businesses and government buildings, etc. But they feel they can strike out at the government by rejecting the vaccine. Unfortunately for them, the ones they hurt the most are themselves. They do not come across as people who value their freedom; they just come across as ignorant and misguided.


I believe some people are just afraid of vaccines of any kind. I suggest you do your homework to understand the way the vaccines work. I think you will find that the risk from COVID-19 is far greater than any side effects from a vaccine. You probably do things in your daily life and consume food and other items that present as great a risk as the principal vaccines.


Friday, August 20, 2021

What Climate Change Will Mean

This post contains my thoughts about what climate change will mean to us. My dreams have shown a challenging situation that will worsen for most of the remainder of this decade. My thoughts about what this will mean are not from my dreams; they are the result of my conscious reflections on the likely consequences of climate change. I continuously monitor my dreams for any new insights. As they occur, I will post them on this blog.


Some politicians believe they can keep fossil fuels and remove the greenhouse gases to make them safe. I fear that by the time that happens we will all be gone. Maybe they know something I am unaware of. So far, I see little evidence of that happening. Research is being done in this area, but many question that it will supply the reductions in CO2 and methane we need to avoid catastrophe.


President Biden wants a 50% reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030. And based on the current pace of efforts, that is probably very aggressive. Unfortunately, I don’t think we have until 2030. I think it will be a different world by 2030 and the major effects of global warming will already have occurred. We are already seeing dramatic, even catastrophic, temperature changes in some areas, and we are only in the year 2021.


Behind the scenes, I hope that the government is preparing a plan for mass relocation of people because that is what we are facing. Many areas will not be inhabitable. It is likely that every part of the country and world will be affected in some way. Already, some people are looking for a new place to live to avoid the heat or storms. And they are struggling to find places where they can be certain they will not experience the effects of global warming. Many are still in denial that global warming will have any significant impact on their lives.


The Federal Reserve believes that the inflation we are seeing is temporary. I don’t believe they have fully factored in the effects of global warming. Food prices are increasing, and some states are reporting big decreases in crop yields because of the drought conditions. If you want to get a picture of the effect on prices, go to Yahoo Finance or CNBC and look at the symbols CORN or WEAT. They are funds that deal in futures for those crops, and you can see the trajectory for prices. If you want to see the effect of climate change on water, look at American Water Works (AWK) for the last five years. This company provides water and wastewater services for the United States.


If California becomes a dust bowl as my dream of 6/25/2021 implied, we will see an enormous impact on food prices. And California is not the only state being affected. Oregon, Washington, Nevada, Arizona, and some midwestern states are already experiencing problems with drought. Scientists are saying it will get worse, so what does that mean for food prices and inflation? I think the answer is obvious; food prices will go up and inflation will not be transitory, at least for essentials such as food. The Federal Reserve may be forced into raising interest rates in a slowing economy. Or we will see price controls.


In the past few weeks, we are seeing an uptick in earthquakes and volcanic eruptions—three in Alaska alone. Watch for reports of further activity. I believe that an increase in activity will portend major changes. In my books, I describe a dream I had early in my teenage years that showed me the course of my life. In my later years in the dream, I saw major Earth changes that included volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. People were in a complete state of panic. I was urging them to pray to God for help.


We have repeatedly seen that despite good intentions the government is very limited in its ability to respond to major disasters. Weeks or months can go by without help. Right after Katrina struck New Orleans, we all watched as FEMA was unable to get water to people in the Superdome for five days. If we experience major upheavals from Earth changes because of global warming and other activity such as earthquakes, you are likely to be on your own for some time. Now is the time to learn how to contact that source of strength within you where fear does not exist. If you wait until a disaster occurs, you are likely to be numb from fear and meditation will be impossible. Things can unravel very quickly as we are now seeing with the latest surge in COVID-19; what you and others think cannot happen may not be the case.


The person who can remain serene and composed in the time of crisis is one who has faith and knows how to turn within for guidance. You are not likely to suddenly develop faith when things are collapsing around you. It is something you must have already developed through daily application in your life. Those who have based their sense of worth on material possessions will have a difficult time.  They may see them evaporate in an instant.


If the United States has widespread power outages and food shortages, I expect to see food and fuel rationing, price controls, and many other restrictions.  Those who are wealthy on paper with stock and property holdings might suddenly find them worthless. We might not even have a stock market as we know it today.


Some will seek a place in the country away from cities. They may even turn to weapons and plan to defend their family and possessions to the death. This is the wrong approach. While it may be a good idea to move to a rural area, the taking of lives is wrong and thinking that you can separate yourself from the rest of humanity is an illusion. We are all united at the most fundamental level and must work together if we are to survive. Perhaps climate change will provide the impetus for people to finally begin to cooperate to deal with a challenge to our very existence.


The differences that separate Democrats and Republicans may disappear when we are forced to focus all our efforts on the survival of the nation. Maybe this is our last great challenge. Will we come together to face the challenge of climate change as one, or will we still be divided with our efforts diluted and even in opposition? Time is running out for this decision. We must come together quickly, or we will surely break apart as a nation.

Thursday, August 19, 2021

Politics Aside, This Is Insane

In this country, we continue to have violent disagreements about the benefits of masks. They have become a major political issue. I believe evidence has shown masks are effective in reducing the transmission of COVID-19, and they are recommended by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (see CDC: Your Guide to Masks, updated Aug. 13, 2021). Yet, several governors have chosen to oppose any mask mandates. They have reasons that have little to do with preventing the transmission of disease. We fund government agencies to supply guidance in situations like pandemics. But many would rather take the advice of a politician with no medical training.


According to Wikipedia, Dr. Anthony Fauci graduated from Cornell Medical School first in his class. He has a history of over fifty years’ service in various capacities in government health organizations and is an expert in infectious disease. He has advised every president since Ronald Reagan. In comparison, Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida, graduated from Yale as a history major. He eventually obtained a law degree from Harvard. Governor DeSantis has no background in health care, and probably would be challenged to describe the scientific nature of COVID-19. Yet he believes he knows better than Dr. Fauci and all the other medical experts who have recommended masks. He says mask mandates don’t work. Many experts in the United States and around the world disagree with that conclusion.


Ron DeSantis is a follower of the Trump school, which is I know better than everyone else. And if I say something often enough, people will believe it. The people dying are the unvaccinated, and the unvaccinated are often the ones seeing no need to physically distance or wear a mask. The hospitals are filled with those with regrets. You don’t go to a plumber when you need surgery, so why would you listen to a history major for medical advice.


I have a problem with conservative pundits because they aren’t interested in facts. Instead, they spew speculation, conspiracy theories, beliefs based on disinformation, and unfounded rumors. Many lack much formal education, especially in science, but they have answers for everything. They heard or they just know…. There are times, like now, when real science is important. And the best thing Ron DeSantis and some of the other governors can do is get out of the way and let the experts do their job.


I live in Florida, and I can attest to the fact that the response to COVID-19 was never handled well. I live in a 55-and-older community, and it was a nightmare trying to get an appointment to get vaccinated. Governor DeSantis left it up to the individual counties, and the county websites often crashed. Those 65 and older often spent many hours just trying to set up an appointment. We would sit for hours logged in to a site only to be told no more reservations were available. It was chaotic at best.


DeSantis’s position on COVID-19 has encouraged the young adults who frequent bars and nightclubs to do so without regard to infection. There are few masks worn and little concern that they are in any real danger. Popular beach spots are packed, and the disease has spread across Florida. He has shown no leadership and bears responsibility for many of the deaths in Florida.


COVID-19 should never have become a political issue. It is a health issue and should have been handled as such. But we had our past president holding rallies across the country with no physical distancing and few masks being worn. He treated it like the common cold and his followers believed it was not a serious threat. And recently, we had Kristi Noem, the governor of South Dakota, extoling the virtues of the Sturgis motorcycle rally during a pandemic, where over a half of million bikers gathered for ten days. Is she insane!


Social media has supplied benefits for many people, but it has also resulted in some serious problems. One of the most significant is the fact that misinformation abounds because there is no effective way for the social media service to remove mistaken information. Monitors of the sites are not traditional editors who require that their reporters follow certain standards. They can probably catch only a small percentage of even blatant misinformation. Anyone with an account and the time to post messages can add to the swamp. Everyone is an instant expert whose opinions during an earlier time in history would been disregarded as either nonsense or unsupported. They would never have found publication.


Don’t turn to social media for your source of news unless it is just a posting of a story from a legitimate news source. Question the source of everything you read, even from respectable sources of the news. Unfortunately, they often use headlines that are misleading to gain readers; when you read the details you realize the headline was misleading. And everyone says or believes something is not a valid reason for accepting it. The statement is obviously not literally true, and even if most people accepted something, that still does not mean it is true. Don’t listen to someone who works as a plumber for advice on whether or not you need surgery. And don't take medical advice from a lawyer.